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Rank Name Raised
1st Team Kahleesi Team Kahleesi $3,118
Members of Team Kahleesi
1st Julie Spielman Julie Spielman $2,503
60th Kahleesi Balcer-Byrne Kahleesi Balcer-Byrne $155
71st Matt Rassette Matt Rassette $124
82nd Fisher Ames Fisher Ames $109
111th Debi Cool King Debi Cool King $72
152nd Sally Rech Sally Rech $47
155th John Brennan John Brennan $36
155th Kathleen Pfeiffer Kathleen Pfeiffer $36
N/A Andy Smith Andy Smith $0
N/A April Thompson April Thompson $0
N/A Cathy Dougherty Cathy Dougherty $0
N/A Joseph McCullough Joseph McCullough $0
N/A Levi Hogan Levi Hogan $0
N/A Melissa Wolcott Melissa Wolcott $0
N/A Thad Gage Thad Gage $0
2nd Team Joestrong Team Joestrong $2,607
Members of Team Joestrong
13th Jim Pickell Jim Pickell $728
18th Eric Shepard Eric Shepard $590
49th Amy Lankow Amy Lankow $233
61st Andrew Carpenter Andrew Carpenter $151
62nd Hans Christiansen Hans Christiansen $150
62nd Ricardo Andreu Ricardo Andreu $150
71st Erika Schoberle Erika Schoberle $124
86th Jeremy Lohman Jeremy Lohman $104
86th Paula Smith Paula Smith $104
86th Sara Lohman Sara Lohman $104
109th Stephanie Schriner Stephanie Schriner $77
120th Andre Varunok Andre Varunok $71
224th Susan Jago Susan Jago $21
N/A Alejandra Penedo Alejandra Penedo $0
N/A Allison Foley Allison Foley $0
N/A April VanHaitsma April VanHaitsma $0
N/A Couri Childs Couri Childs $0
N/A Denise Hay Denise Hay $0
N/A Elizabeth Hoffman Elizabeth Hoffman $0
N/A Jackie Tabony Jackie Tabony $0
N/A Jose Medina Jose Medina $0
N/A Kiersten Linde Kiersten Linde $0
N/A Lorraine Robles Lorraine Robles $0
N/A Pascale Head Pascale Head $0
N/A Riley Beute Riley Beute $0
N/A Terri Holt Terri Holt $0
N/A Twilia Prater Craft Twilia Prater Craft $0
N/A Valerie Piarowski Johnson Valerie Piarowski Johnson $0
3rd RainOrShine RainOrShine $1,000
Members of RainOrShine
10th Joe Nordstrom Joe Nordstrom $1,000
N/A Barrie McDaniel Barrie McDaniel $0
N/A Dee Morand Dee Morand $0
4th Beef Loving Texans Beef Loving Texans $703
Members of Beef Loving Texans
14th Cleve Meacham Cleve Meacham $703
N/A Aly Nunez Aly Nunez $0
5th SOF Brothers SOF Brothers $539
Members of SOF Brothers
20th Jim White Jim White $539
N/A Christopher Hopkins Christopher Hopkins $0
N/A Greg Combs Greg Combs $0
N/A Tommy McGowen Tommy McGowen $0
6th Riding is Bliss Riding is Bliss $445
Members of Riding is Bliss
36th Chan Bliss Chan Bliss $341
7th Hope Brigade Hope Brigade $359
Members of Hope Brigade
46th Tammy Quickbear Tammy Quickbear $255
86th Brandon David East Brandon David East $104
8th Team Jackson Team Jackson $324
Members of Team Jackson
37th Larry Hall Larry Hall $324
9th Cycling for a Cure. Cycling for a Cure. $274
Members of Cycling for a Cure.
43rd Michael Hescock Michael Hescock $274
N/A Clifford Wilcox Clifford Wilcox $0
10th Cancer No More! Cancer No More! $226
Members of Cancer No More!
51st Shannon Dodge Shannon Dodge $226
11th Team Road Rash Team Road Rash $220
Members of Team Road Rash
79th Rolando Ray Rolando Ray $116
86th Hans Heilpern Hans Heilpern $104
12th Blood and Sweat for more Years Blood and Sweat for more Years $214
Members of Blood and Sweat for more Years
53rd Micheal A. McIntyre Micheal A. McIntyre $214
N/A Michael OBrien Michael OBrien $0
13th Team Phoenix Team Phoenix $212
Members of Team Phoenix
71st Maddison Brooks Maddison Brooks $124
105th Chuck Brooks Chuck Brooks $88
14th GCC Road Warriors GCC Road Warriors $156
Members of GCC Road Warriors
86th Gordon Blakey Gordon Blakey $104
130th Courtney Close Courtney Close $52
15th CalliesCrew CalliesCrew $124
Members of CalliesCrew
71st Lisa Prause Lisa Prause $124
15th Pedal to the Metal Pedal to the Metal $124
Members of Pedal to the Metal
130th Vicki Mandurano Vicki Mandurano $52
155th Laura Heaven-Ewell Laura Heaven-Ewell $36
155th Sherrilyn Swehla Sherrilyn Swehla $36
15th Team Woolridge Team Woolridge $124
Members of Team Woolridge
71st Timothy Woolridge Timothy Woolridge $124
18th CLP 2023 CLP 2023 $107
Members of CLP 2023
120th Leonard Rhett Leonard Rhett $71
19th Fireman Dan and Friends Fireman Dan and Friends $104
Members of Fireman Dan and Friends
86th Danny Perez Danny Perez $104
20th Team Isabel Team Isabel $91
Members of Team Isabel
180th Ronnie Parsons Ronnie Parsons $91
21st Sandi’s Crew Sandi’s Crew $72
Members of Sandi’s Crew
N/A Jill Speckhals Jill Speckhals $0
N/A MaryBeth Brunk MaryBeth Brunk $0
N/A Tammy Martin Tammy Martin $0
22nd Parsippany Riders Parsippany Riders $72
Members of Parsippany Riders
111th Dharmaraj Nagarajan Dharmaraj Nagarajan $72
23rd Either way, I Win Either way, I Win $69
Members of Either way, I Win
124th Kenneth Harrell Kenneth Harrell $69
24th Ganti Ganti $62
Members of Ganti
207th Jagadesh Ganti Jagadesh Ganti $31
207th Venkata Ganti Venkata Ganti $31
25th Flat and Shady Flat and Shady $52
Members of Flat and Shady
130th Chris Springer Chris Springer $52
N/A Connie Gallagher Connie Gallagher $0
26th Antiquated Army Antiquated Army $36
Members of Antiquated Army
155th The Antiquated Gent The Antiquated Gent $36
26th California Love California Love $36
Members of California Love
155th James Chaves James Chaves $36
26th Carci- No Más Carci- No Más $36
Members of Carci- No Más
155th Gloria Statom Gloria Statom $36
26th Children's Cancer Research Fund Friends & Family Children's Cancer Research Fund Friends & Family $36
Members of Children's Cancer Research Fund Friends & Family
155th Angeli Breiner Angeli Breiner $36
26th Delaware Valley Tri-state Riders Delaware Valley Tri-state Riders $36
Members of Delaware Valley Tri-state Riders
155th Andrew Marchegiano-smith Andrew Marchegiano-smith $36
26th Road Riders For Kid’s Cancer Road Riders For Kid’s Cancer $36
Members of Road Riders For Kid’s Cancer
155th John Strassenreiter John Strassenreiter $36
26th Tom's Taco Troupe Tom's Taco Troupe $36
Members of Tom's Taco Troupe
155th Andrew Kucel Andrew Kucel $36
N/A Thomas McNealy Thomas McNealy $0
33rd Team Dolly Team Dolly $31
Members of Team Dolly
207th Ellie Brenner Ellie Brenner $31
207th Bruce Henderson Bruce Henderson $31
N/A Skip Woodbury Skip Woodbury $0
35th Giraffes In The Air Giraffes In The Air $26
Members of Giraffes In The Air
221st Justin Watkins Justin Watkins $26
N/A Brett Griffin Brett Griffin $0
N/A Avengers Avengers $0
Members of Avengers
N/A William Lagacy William Lagacy $0
N/A AZAuggie2022 AZAuggie2022 $0
Members of AZAuggie2022
N/A Jeff Esteban Jeff Esteban $0
N/A Kelly Esteban Kelly Esteban $0
N/A Felipe De Bedout Felipe De Bedout $0
N/A Cycle 4 A Cure Cycle 4 A Cure $0
Members of Cycle 4 A Cure
N/A Jennifer Duncan Jennifer Duncan $0
N/A eXp New York Cares eXp New York Cares $0
Members of eXp New York Cares
N/A Barbara Perez Barbara Perez $0
N/A Fighting Eagles 1/8 IN Fighting Eagles 1/8 IN $0
Members of Fighting Eagles 1/8 IN
N/A JohnTyler Slayton JohnTyler Slayton $0
N/A Fil-Am Bikers Fil-Am Bikers $0
Members of Fil-Am Bikers
N/A Anjo Neil D. Guillermo Anjo Neil D. Guillermo $0
N/A Hope Cycles 4 The Kids Hope Cycles 4 The Kids $0
Members of Hope Cycles 4 The Kids
N/A Carissa Penman-Moyer Carissa Penman-Moyer $0
N/A Isabelle Penman-Bennett Isabelle Penman-Bennett $0
N/A LillianJoy Penman-Bennett LillianJoy Penman-Bennett $0
N/A Moore Bikes Moore Bikes $0
Members of Moore Bikes
N/A Jocelyn Moore Jocelyn Moore $0
N/A Round & Round Round & Round $0
Members of Round & Round
N/A John Cheung John Cheung $0
N/A Morgan Cheung Morgan Cheung $0
N/A Sean Scott Strother Family & Friends Sean Scott Strother Family & Friends $0
Members of Sean Scott Strother Family & Friends
N/A Janet Banks Janet Banks $0
N/A Spinning the Wheels Spinning the Wheels $0
Members of Spinning the Wheels
N/A Otto Enax Otto Enax $0
N/A Starry's Angels Starry's Angels $0
Members of Starry's Angels
N/A Albert Helmling IV Albert Helmling IV $0
N/A TEAM 213 TEAM 213 $0
Members of TEAM 213
N/A Jeff Kahn Jeff Kahn $0
N/A Team BMC Software Team BMC Software $0
Members of Team BMC Software
N/A Anne Estes Anne Estes $0
N/A Cody Dean Cody Dean $0
N/A Sarah Othmer Sarah Othmer $0
N/A Serge van Schie Serge van Schie $0
N/A Shailesh Bhainsora Shailesh Bhainsora $0