Micheal A. McIntyre

9years All Star
Micheal A. McIntyre
Riding for Callen McDonnell
Cancer is the biggest killer of kids from disease in the USA, 38 children die every week. Please donate now and support my challenge to fight kids' cancer!
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  • National: 209th
  • State: 14th in PA
  • My Team: 2nd
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I'm Riding For

Callen McDonnell

Callen McDonnell

Callen was 4 days shy of his second birthday when he was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Just as he finished his first round of chemo, there was more bad news. He also has CEBPA, with a gene mutation that will require a bone marrow transplant. His condition is rare, with not much known about it. The Great Cycle Challenge helps raise money for early stage research on these less common forms of cancer. I am riding so someday, kids like Callen, don't have to be hooked up to bunch of tubes to pump toxic chemicals into their bodies. Callen is being treated at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. The researchers at CHOP have been recipients of grants funded by the Great Cycle Challenge. Please support my riding for kids fighting cancer.

My Story

2 Jun 2023

This will be my 9th year participating in the Great Cycle Challenge. First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who has supported me in the past. I hope you will continue that support and help me spread the word about this event.

I am fortunate that at 72 years of age, my health allows me still cycle. I believe the activity helps to keep me feeling "young," at least young-enough to help true youngsters (kids), who's cancer may not allow them the privilege of living seven decades as I have.

While there have been tremendous progress in fighting pediatric cancer, it is still impacting the health of lives of too many kids.

So I am once again raising funds for the Children's Cancer Research Fund to help find a cure . The money you donate will allow them to continue their work in funding lifesaving research. Every dollar will bring us one step closer to helping another child beat this disease.

Your support does, and will, change little lives for the better - as I hope it does for Callen, the three child I am riding for this year.

Thank you.

My Legacy

Here's my personal impact over 9 years to fight kids' cancer and save little lives.
  • 677 mi Ridden
  • 3,295 mi Ridden
  • 1,734 mi Ridden
    $5,206 Raised
  • 1,040 mi Ridden
    $6,565 Raised
  • 1,477 mi Ridden
    $9,272 Raised
  • 1,052 mi Ridden
    $12,564 Raised
  • 877 mi Ridden
    $23,295 Raised
  • 833 mi Ridden
    $25,647 Raised
10,985 mi

My Challenge

  • Platelets for the kids
    2 Jun 2023

    The last two kids for whom I have dedicated my riding, have been treated at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Both boys received numerous blood and platelet transfusions as part of their treatment. I am always glad when I see my platelet donations have gone there.

    Platelets for the kids
    Posted 7 days ago

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    Micheal A. McIntyre
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