Meet Jackson

Sports-loving 6-year-old Jackson has been battling Ewing sarcoma since July 2023.

Jackson’s first sign of cancer didn’t seem like a sign at all in the moment – he tripped and injured his leg on a trip to California to visit family.

But Jackson’s leg kept bugging him, and two nights later, he woke up screaming in extreme pain.

His worried dad took him to an after-hours clinic and then the emergency room, where Jackson had two ultrasounds and an MRI.

A doctor pulled his dad aside to tell him the news… Jackson likely had bone cancer.

Doctors later confirmed that Jackson had Ewing sarcoma, a rare bone cancer, and that his tumor was so large it caused a bone in his leg to break.

Initially, his parents were told that Jackson’s whole fibula would need to be removed but further investigation showed that they could salvage it.

Jackson had surgery to remove roughly half of his fibula in November 2023. In time, the rest of his bone can grow back and allow him to keep up with sports – a big part of his life pre-diagnosis.

Since his surgery, Jackson has had to use a wheelchair and a walker to get around. It’s been tough, but he’s working so hard in physical therapy to get his mobility back.

He is now part-way through 14 rounds of chemotherapy, and dealing with intense side effects like nausea, exhaustion and even his fingernails falling off. Jackson’s immune system is severely compromised by the treatment, so his mom always has a ‘go bag’ packed with essentials ready for if they need to leave for the hospital urgently.

“Any symptom could be a big deal,” his mom says, “We’re watching every little thing.”

This is the reality of having a child diagnosed with cancer… there is little to no predictability, and families often need to drop everything at a moment’s notice to get their child essential care.

Jackson’s mom is a passionate advocate for research into better treatments and cures for kids… telling us, “We’re lucky Jackson has been okay on chemo, but this is what they’ve been using for decades… it’s crazy that it hasn’t been updated.”

This September, we’re going to ride hard to fund vital childhood cancer research for Jackson and kids just like him! Because they deserve better.